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More Than Two, Second Edition

Second Edition: Cultivating Nonmonogamous Relationships with Kindness and Integrity
Publication Date: September 2, 2024

Foreword by Kim TallBear

“Can you love more than one person?” A lot of conversations about nonmonogamy start this way. When we discuss “opening” relationships, contemplate whether we want to be exclusive with our partners, or introduce multiple partners to friends and family, we are asking the people in our lives, and ourselves, to contend with this question.

The answer is obvious, and misleading. The love one feels in their heart and the love one expresses through daily acts of care and affection are both “love” in the true sense, but they have different requirements, present different options and produce different outcomes.

More Than Two can’t promise outcomes, but it is a guide to the paths—from anchor or nesting partnerships to relationship anarchy—possible within nonmonogamy. This long-awaited second edition bridges emerging theories on attachment and relationship diversity with authors Eve Rickert and Andrea Zanin’s insight and experience. The arcs of nonmonogamous partnerships bend towards complexity, introspection and compromise—or at least they can, if we work at it.

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  • More Than Two was intensely formative in my polyamory journey. The second edition keeps the practical throughline that makes the book effective and unique while adding even more depth and compassion. While we all carve our own paths and learn experientially, More Than Two is an indispensable guide through the terrain of nonmonogamy.”—Shay Tiziano, author of Tying & Flying and Creating Captivating Classes

  • More Than Two was a pivotal resource for me in the beginning of my nonmonogamy journey, and I am thrilled that a second edition is now available. Eve and Andrea’s desire to create a resource that is practical, compassionate, conscientious, aware, educational, kind, and loving can be felt on every page and in every word. I am beyond excited to discover how this edition impacts me as a more mature nonmonogamous person and that it exists as a resource to aid a new generation of nonmonogamous persons.”—Evita “Lavitaloca” Sawyers, nonmonogamy educator and author of A Polyamory Devotional

  • “While More Than Two was always highly regarded, it was time for an update to adjust for the way the landscape has changed in the last decade. This more than meets the need.”—Kevin A. Patterson, M.Ed, author of Love’s Not Color Blind and the For Hire series

  • “In place of dominant and oppressive-for-so-many relationship norms, Eve Rickert and Andrea Zanin offer abundant possibilities that not only disrupt those norms, but that better meet the desires, needs, skills, and life conditions of the individual humans who are trying to love and relate as best we can in this challenging world.”—from the foreword by Dr. Kim TallBear, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience and Society at the University of Alberta and the author of The Critical Polyamorist.

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