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New name, new look, new direction: Welcome to Thornapple Press!

A painting of mushrooms with the text Thornapple Press Fall 2022, artwork by Lucia Lorenzi
Catalogue cover illustration © Lucia Lorenzi 2022

It’s been over nine years since I co-authored the book More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory and co-founded Thorntree Press to publish it. Back then, I wasn’t expecting the book to sell over 150,000 copies, and I definitely wasn’t expecting Thorntree Press to go on to publish dozens of books, including such groundbreaking titles as Love’s Not Color Blind, Polysecure and The Monster Under the Bed.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done as Thorntree—proud of our books, or our authors, and of our team. And now it’s time for some changes, and growth.

In early 2021, full ownership of Thorntree passed to me. With that, I was free to reimagine where I wanted to take the company. Today I am happy to introduce you to Thornapple Press, an independent Canadian publisher of thoughtful books on love, sexuality and relational ethics. We have a new name, a new look, and a new editorial direction.

We got our start publishing books on consensual nonmonogamy, and that will still be an important part of our list. But we’ve greatly expanded our remit to include all kinds of books that challenge the way people think about love (all kinds of love!) and pleasure. We’re also turning our focus to acquiring new books by Canadian authors, while maintaining ongoing connections with many of the authors whose work created the foundation of our press.

Our books aren’t just about improving people’s personal lives. The ways we relate to one another in our most intimate relationships are both deeply informed by the social, political and economic systems we’re embedded in and, in turn, reinforce those systems. To reimagine our future, we have to reimagine our relationships to one another. And to heal our world, we have to learn to love each other (and ourselves) better.

It’s been two years since we published our last book, Polysecure. I’m thrilled that we have new books like Better Halves, In It Together, The Polysecure Workbook and The Pegging Book to start us off on our new direction, and just as excited about the many incredible books (and other projects) we have in the pipe. I’m especially grateful to the team that’s stuck with me through this transition, and to the talented authors who have trusted me with their work.

I can’t wait for what’s next.


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